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Financial Wellness

Let us help you navigate your way through the world of finance! 

Banzai: Teachers Only

Banzai allows you to teach real-world financial literacy sponsored by Greylock Federal. 

It can be difficult to find useful and engaging programs to use in your classroom, especially when budgets don't allow for it.
Here's a fresh idea: meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engages teenagers and doesn't cost a dime. That's Banzai.

To learn more, please click here to be taken to the Banzai website.

If you are a Berkshire County school teacher and would like to learn more about Banzai or enroll for free in this interactive program,
please contact Meghan McGrath at (413) 236-4858

Upcoming classes:

When Time Location Alert Me

Bancarias Basicas y Credito

8-19-17 11:00am-1:00pm Berkshire Children & Families
480 West Street

First Time Homebuyer Class

9-13-17 & 9-14-17 6:00-8:30pm Greylock Insurance Agency
5 Cheshire Road Ste. 26

•Closing The Loan/Caring For Your Home•

May 31st | Sign up

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