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While we are pleased to provide partial access to some branch lobbies, please know that online and mobile banking, drive-up and telephone are still the best ways for you to work with Greylock, now and for the foreseeable future. These great services not only provide improved convenience, they also provide enhanced safety for you and our staff.

We are available 24/7 at (413) 236-4000

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Online Banking for Business

greylock federal credit union online banking on desktop and laptopManage your business accounts with ease; Move your money, monitor your money, deposit money, manage your money, and more!

New Features

  • Fresh, new look makes Anywhere Banking® easier to use
  • Up-to-the-minute account balances and transactions
  • Easily click and drag to transfer money
  • View upcoming bills and make payments from the home screen
  • Use Trends to track your expenses and create budgets
  • Access your accounts on-the-go with mobile banking
  • Person-to-Person transfers using Popmoney®
  • Online and mobile banking are very secure with multiple layers of authentication to protect your information

Operating System & Browser Requirements

The following operating systems and web browsers are supported by our new Online Banking system:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.8 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 10.0 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox (Current Version)
  • Google Chrome (Current Version)
  • Apple Safari 6 or newer

First-time Login

  • Log in with out of band authentication
  • Your account information and history will be available
  • All of your bill pay payee information will be available
  • If you enrolled for eStatements, your current and past statements will be available


  • Bill Presentment, access your electronic bills in one location
  • Schedule payments based on information from your electronic bill
  • Send overnight and next day payments (fee applies)
  • Categorize payees by type

The following software and web browsers are not be supported by our new Online Banking system: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.7, Opera.

If you have an older version, please update your operating system or web browser to these minimum requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Online Banking | Bill Pay | Popmoney | Mobile Banking App | Trends | Security Information | Contact

Why did we change our Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile services?

We changed these services to provide a better experience for YOU! These new services feature improved security and ease of access, along with additional services like text banking, Trends (Personal Financial Management Tool), Popmoney, and a new Bill Pay system that gets your payment in on the day you specify, no more worrying about when to initiate a payment!

What changed?

Pretty much everything! Both the Online Banking and Mobile Banking services changed. Bill Pay, External Account Transfers and Person to Person Transfers also changed.

When did the change take place?

The conversion to our new services happened on October 18th.  We sent out reminders along with tips and tricks via email and postal mail so that you can stay ahead of the game with our new features. We will also continue to update these FAQs so you can be an expert online banker!

Business Online Banking Log In

The new online banking log is simple and easy, but there is a short one-time procedure to get set up.

  • How will I login to the new Online Banking system as a Business User?

    Once the new site is up and running, you will log in with the member number you currently use to login and the last 6 digits of your business’s Tax ID as your temporary password. You will then be prompted to change your password. You will be asked to validate or enter your phone number where a verification code* can be sent via phone call or text. When that is complete you’ll be prompted to create and answer 5 security questions. You may also be asked to verify your phone number and email address for your profile.

    You will be asked to complete information regarding your Business such as your Business Name, Business Address and your Business email and phone number.

  • I have additional users who login to Business Online banking, how do I re-add them?

    Go to the Setting link at the top of the page and click Users.

    You will create individual Users and give them access to specific accounts. After you enter their name, User ID and temporary password, you will see a listing of your accounts. You can provide them with No Access, View Access (allows user to only view accounts and transactions but they cannot transact) or Full Access. Full Access gives the user full permission on the account.

    Lastly, if you receive eStatements through online banking you can provide Users with permission to view your Business eStatements.

    Important to note!—Users will now log in with their own login information. They will login with the User ID and temporary password you provide to them. They will be prompted to provide the same additional information you did when first logging in.

Bill Pay

Your bill pay payee information carried over to our new Bill Pay service!

Very important things to remember:

  • Bill pay was inaccessible from October 11th (at roughly 5pm) through October 17th, so you were not be able to create new payees, schedule, edit or delete payments or look at your bill pay history at that time.
  • Any payments you had scheduled prior to October 11th were paid through October 16th. Payments scheduled on or after October 17th, WERE NOT PAID! You may now log in and schedule payments.
  • Your scheduled recurring payments WILL NOT CARRY OVER! On or after October 18th, login to the new system to reschedule these payments.
  • Your bill pay history DID NOT CARRY OVER!
  • How is this Bill Pay service different from the previous?
    • You will now schedule your payments based on a “deliver by” date instead of a “send date.”
    • The funds for your payments will be withdrawn from your account after the payment is processed.
    • You have delivery options such as Rush Deliver and Next Day.
    • The transaction description in your account history will no longer include “ebill withdrawal”. The transaction will clear as an ACH transaction or a check.
    • You have the option of signing up for eBills! If your payee allows for eBills and you do not currently have eBills for that payee, you can have your bill delivered to you electronically through your Greylock bill pay service.
    • Option to use Popmoney to pay people
    • Option to Split Expenses with another individual
    • Submit payee inquiries to Greylock right through your bill pay payment center
  • How do I send a payment to a payee?

    After agreeing to the new disclosure agreement the first thing you’ll see when you select “Pay Bills” is your payment center, with all of your payees carried over from the old system. (If you have never added a payee, you will be prompted to do so before being able to view this page.) Next, select the biller you wish to pay:

    • Select the account with which you’ll be paying by using the drop down box.
    • Enter the amount which you want to pay into the amount field.
    • Using the calendar, select the date by which you’d like the payment to be delivered.
    • When you’ve added all of your payments click the Send Money button at the bottom of the page.
  • How do I add more payees to Bill Pay?

    On the payment center, click the “Add a Company or Person” button. You then search and select your biller, or if the company does not appear, you can select “Mail a Check” and input the company information manually.

    If adding a person, you will be prompted to fill in their full name, and their mobile number/email address. If you’d like, you can add a nickname. (If you haven’t agreed to the Popmoney disclosure and/or set up your Popmoney account, click “More Ways to Send Money” and fill in the requested information, either bank account info for ACH or address information for a check to be mailed.

  • Can I make a memo for my bill pay payments?

    You can make a memo on payments delivered by check.

  • How can I have my bills automatically paid?

    On the row of the biller you’d like to pay, select “AutoPay.” The system will prompt you with a “Set Up AutoPay” message, click it and all of the options available for autopay will display. Select “Start Sending Payments.”

  • How to send reminders?

    On the row of the biller you’d like to pay, select “Reminders,” and then click “Set Up Reminders.” Fill out the requested information and click the “Send Reminders” button.

  • Activity

    On the payee row, select “Activity.” Your recent and pending payments will display and you can click the payment amount for more detail. If you’d like to see more activity click “More Activity” to be taken to the Activity tab.


Popmoney is Greylock’s new Person to Person transfer service.  Popmoney allows you to send or request money to/from anyone using their cell phone number or email address.

  • How does Popmoney differ from Greylock’s previous Person to Person service?
    • Transfers using Popmoney are only allowed using your Greylock checking account
    • Popmoney allows for recurring transfers
    • Popmoney offers several delivery options
    • If you happen to know the recipient’s bank information, Popmoney allows you to use this instead of their cell phone number of email address.
  • How do I add a contact in Popmoney?

    Under the “Pay People” page, select “Add a New Contact.” A drop down will display where you can fill in all your contact’s information to send them money. All you need is the contact’s name and cell phone number or email address. If your contact’s phone does not support SMS messages please enter an email, as your contact will not receive notification about requests or payments.

  • Managing contacts through Popmoney

    On the “Pay People” Popmoney page you’re able to add, import, edit and remove contacts, this can all be done from the Contacts tab. Adding someone and importing contacts is easy, but the Delete Contact and Edit options are harder to find. In order to find these options, simply click on the arrow next to the contact’s name that you want to delete or edit, and an information box on that contact will drop down.

  • How do I send money using Popmoney?

    To send money to someone, fill in the name of the contact you’d like to send money to, as well as the amount you want to send. Select the date you want the transaction to occur as well as the delivery speed you’d like. Select which account you’d like the funds to be drawn from, add an email if you’d like, and then click “Send.” Click “Continue,” and if all the information displayed is correct, select “Send Payment.”

  • How do I request money using Popmoney?

    Under Pay People select “Request Money,” here you can add a contact or select from a list of contacts you’ve added in the past. Fill out the following prompts and then click “Next,” then “Review Information” and finally “Send Request.”

  • Automatic Deposit

    Automatic Deposit is the easiest and fastest way to receive money. It allows you to designate one account into which all incoming payments will be automatically deposited. To enable Automatic Deposit, go to the “Preferences” tab of the “Pay People” tab and click “Enable” next to “Automatic Deposit.” Once turned on, there's nothing more for you to do - you will be notified of incoming payments via email or text message, the payment will be sent into your selected account. You can edit Automatic Deposit settings in Preferences.

Mobile Banking App

Greylock’s mobile banking app provides the ultimate in convenient banking anywhere, anytime. You can download it from the Apple App Store or the Android Play store and there is even a separate version for tablets.

  • Will I need to download a new mobile app?

    Yes, just search for Greylock from your app store. Make sure to delete the old one.

  • Will I need to set up the mobile app?

    You can download the app through your app store. You can also log into online banking and go to the mobile tab. You can have a link sent to you via text to download the app. Visit the mobile link within online banking for more options such as text banking!

  • How do I receive phone alerts and sign up for Text Banking?

    Just go to the Mobile link in the upper right corner, select “Add New Device” under “Other Services.” Enter your phone number, select “Continue” and check off the services that you’d like to receive, then click “Continue.” You’ll be prompted for an activation code which you will receive via text shortly. Once you enter the activation code select “Activate.”

  • Where can I look up ATM and Bank locations near me?

    On the Mobile App go to the “More” tab and then select “Locations.” You can use your device’s GPS or enter a zip code to search for locations near you.

  • Instant Balance

    Instant Balance is a new feature that allows you to check your balance(s) without logging into mobile banking. All you need to do is select the “Instant Banking” symbol to see the balances of instant balance approved accounts.

    To set up:

    • Log in to your mobile banking app
    • Go to “More”
    • Select “Instant Balance Settings”
    • Tap or swipe the switch on the right so that it turns green
    • Select each account that you’d like Instant Balance to access
  • Remote Deposit Capture, what has changed?

    You can now deposit to both checking and savings accounts!


Trends is a new feature designed to make budgeting a breeze. Not only does it include helpful diagrams of your spending and your accounts at Greylock, you can also link your other bank accounts to your Trends data to see how your accounts are doing at other financial institutions. You’ll have the budgeting skills of a pro thanks to our helpful Trends feature.

Security Information

From time to time you may want to make changes to your security information such as your UserID, Password or contact information. Please see below for instructions on how to change your security information.

  • How do I change my User ID?

    You can change your User ID by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “User ID” from the drop down.

  • How do I change my password?

    You can change your password by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “Password” from the drop down.

  • How do I change my address?

    You can change your address by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “Address” from the drop down.

  • How do I change my email address?

    You can change your email address by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “Email and Phone Number” from the drop down.

  • How do I change my phone number on file?

    You can change this by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “Email and Phone Number” from the drop down. You can also change the phone you use to verify your account at “Settings,” then “Security and Alerts,” then click “Identity Verification Phones.”

  • How do I change my Security Questions?

    Go to settings then click on “Security and Alerts” and click on “Security Questions” from the drop down menu.

  • How do I change my language preference?

    You can change your email address by selecting “Settings,” clicking on “Profile” and then selecting “Language Preference” from the drop down.

Who should I contact if I need help?

The Greylock Contact Center, which you can call at 413-236-4000, is open and ready for your questions and concerns regarding logging in, password resets, and other general questions!