While we are pleased to provide partial access to some branch lobbies, please know that online and mobile banking, drive-up and telephone are still the best ways for you to work with Greylock, now and for the foreseeable future. These great services not only provide improved convenience, they also provide enhanced safety for you and our staff.

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Mobile Wallet FAQs

Pay as you please.

Leave the plastic at home! Now you can use your smartphone to pay with your Greylock Debit Card.

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Which mobile wallets will my Greylock Federal Credit Union debit card work with?

Greylock Federal Credit Union will now work with Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay - three of the most widely used mobile wallet apps.

These apps comes preinstalled on the newest Android, Apple and Samsung devices. If you are using an older device, it's recommended that you check to see if your device and operating system are compatible.

How do mobile wallet apps works?

Mobile wallet apps are designed to securely store debit card information so you can easily make in-person and in-app purchases at participating merchants.

Simply open your mobile wallet app and follow the instructions to enter your Greylock Federal Credit Union debit card information.

Once you have entered your card information, you'll be able to use your device to make purchases in stores and restaurants with payment terminals that are set up to accept NFC (Near Field Communications) payments. Simply hold your phone near the reader. Also, Android Pay and Apple Pay have various options to make in-app purchases through other merchants.

Are Mobile Wallets secure?

Yes, mobile wallet apps are secure because they don't store your actual card numbers and the card information is encrypted. A separate security code is also generated for each transaction. And before the transaction is completed you'll need to enter either a passcode or use your device's fingerprint ID feature.

These features are strong protections against card fraud and are designed to protect you. These are in addition to security features that Greylock Federal Credit Union and card issuers already use to help guard against fraud.

Can I use a mobile wallet app anywhere?

You can use your Greylock Federal Credit Union debit card with your mobile wallet app at participating Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay retailers.

Please contact us at (800) 207-5555 if you have questions on your Mobile Wallet.