If you have been notified by your employer that your payroll provider’s data security was compromised,
please visit your nearest Greylock branch or call us at (413) 236-4000
so we can help you take measures to prevent unauthorized activity.

Inclusive Credit Union

Greylock has partnered with Inclusiv. Inclusiv's mission is to help low and moderate income people and communities achieve financial independence through credit unions.

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We believe that true financial inclusion and empowerment is a fundamental right. We dedicate ourselves to closing the gaps and removing barriers to financial opportunities for distressed and underserved communities. As an inclusive credit union we are committed to uphold the following principles.  

Principle #1:  High-Quality Financial Services for All

Expanding access to financially vulnerable or formerly excluded communities is the core of an inclusive credit union. 

Principle #2:  Place the Member First

As financial cooperatives, our institutional interests align with the success and well-being of our members. 

Principle #3:  Meet People Where They Are

An inclusive credit union meets people where they are in their financial lives and helps them find the pathways to move forward.  

juntos avanzamos

Juntos Avanzamos - Together We Advance - is a designation for credit unions committed to serving and empowering Hispanic consumers.