If you have been notified by your employer that your payroll provider’s data security was compromised,
please visit your nearest Greylock branch or call us at (413) 236-4000
so we can help you take measures to prevent unauthorized activity.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to be a community credit union that partners with you and provides the keys to enrich your life.


Our vision is to enable our community to thrive.


Integrity • Passion • Compassion • Creativity • Stewardship • Fiscal Responsibility

Board of Directors

Stanley Walczyk

Stanley B. Walczyk - Chairperson

JamieEllen Moncecchi

JamieEllen Moncecchi - Assistant Clerk / Recording Officer

Kelly Krok

Kelly J. Krok

John Bissell

John Bissell

John Law

John C. Law - Vice Chairperson

Sheila LaBarbera

Sheila LaBarbera

Gerard Burke

Gerard E. Burke

Colleen Holmes

Colleen Holmes

Pete Lopez

Pete Lopez - Clerk/Treasurer

Krystle Gallo

Krystle A. Gallo

Tyrone Jackson

Tyrone A. Jackson

Anthony Rinaldi

Anthony J. Rinaldi, Jr.

Supervisory Committee

Ozias Vincelette

Ozias C. Vincelette - Chairperson

Isa Ali

Isa Ali

Lori Broderick Bean

Lori Broderick-Bean

Angelo Borsello Jr

Angelo Borsello, Jr.

Allison Bedard

Allison Bedard