The Financial and Social Club for Members over 55

The Quality Time Club® was established for Credit Union members who are age 55 and over as a way to recognize the special place they hold in Greylock. Members of the Club have a relationship over and above regular membership. The Club rewards QTC members with special services including free checks, money orders, and other benefits, and invites participation in committees and events. A quarterly newsletter dedicated to the interests of seniors is sent to members to keep everyone up to date with Club information. The Club offers interesting programs for members to stay active, financially informed, and to meet new people.

QTC benefits

  • Free Personal Checks
  • Free Money Orders
  • Free Standard American Express Travelers Cheques
  • QTC Members pay no network fee for ATM or point-of-sale transactions
  • Special Outings, Events and Groups - take part in Financial Seminars, Day Trips, Quarterly Meetings, Quicksteppers Walking Group, Green Thumbs and many more.
  • Direct Deposit Program - Eliminate the worry of mailbox theft, and actually speed up deposits
  • Free quarterly Quality Time Club Newsletter

Financial Resource Center

An online toolkit designed to help you plan for and achieve a financially secure retirement.

Visit the Financial Resource Center


QTC logo

The Quality Time Club began in 1990, and a credit to its strength is a group of volunteers who serve as its officers. Terms are for two years. The officer positions are elected by the membership. All the officers represent the Club and Greylock at community events when appropriate. Anyone interested in running for office for the Quality Time Club should consult information in the quarterly QTC newsletter.


Assists with the quarterly meeting agenda; assists with arrangements for speakers; presents the President's Report at quarterly meetings.

Vice President

Coordinates the set-up and volunteers for the quarterly meetings; keeps an inventory of supplies; presents the Vice President's Report at quarterly meetings.


Records meeting minutes and attendance; drafts a meeting summary for the newsletter; presents the Secretary's Report at quarterly meetings.


Partners in education logo

"Grandbuddy" was the name chosen for members of the Quality Time Club who volunteer to work with students, classrooms, and teachers at Greylock's Partner-In-Education, Williams Elementary School.

The idea for the program came from the fact that many of the Williams students (grades K-5) have no relatives in the immediate area, and possibly even no significant adult in their day-to-day lives.  

But since the students do have grandparents, and the QTC volunteers do have grandchildren, it was decided not to infringe on these very special relationships. Thus, the term "Grandbuddy" was determined to be an appropriate name.

Grandbuddys are very special people who are part of a very special partnership.  Williams, Greylock, the children, the teachers, and the volunteers all benefit from this special program.