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Umbrella Insurance

Why Do You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?

So how many times have you left your house in the morning and grabbed an umbrella “just in case”. Or, if you are like some of us more cautious types, perhaps you even keep an umbrella in your car at all times just in case bad weather should come up unexpectedly. Well, that same precautionary reasoning makes a lot of sense when it comes to deciding whether or not a personal umbrella insurance policy is right for you.

At Greylock Insurance Agency, we can’t possibly predict if you are ever going to end up in a legal situation over a car accident or an accident that occurs on your property. Even more, if you do ever get sued, we don’t know if you’re going to win, or lose and be responsible financially. But what we absolutely know without a doubt is that having an umbrella insurance policy will take the guesswork out of these unforeseen events and give you peace of mind that you are protected from a devastating financial loss in the event you are ever sued.

Yes, your homeowners or auto policy will provide you with some liability coverage, but it is only up to a limit set in your policy. Unfortunately, today, that’s not nearly enough to protect you against a lawsuit judgment or settlement that goes against you. Our professionals will design an umbrella insurance policy that protects your assets and future above and beyond the standard limits set in your other personal insurance policies.

You’re most likely wondering what all of this amazing protection is going to cost you. Well, that is one of the best things about personal umbrella insurance – it is extremely affordable, as little as  $175/year or $15/month for a $1 Million policy!

You don’t need to be wealthy to carry an umbrella policy; in fact, even if your only asset is your current wages, it’s important to ensure that those are protected, as well as future personal assets you may not know about yet (like when your lottery ticket number finally gets picked!). Contact us today, (888) 200-4445, to discuss how an umbrella insurance policy could be the added layer of protection you need.

Serving Berkshire County and those living in Westfield, Russell, Southwick, West Springfield, Huntington, Blandford, Otis, Granville, Chester, MA.

Your Greylock Insurance agent will review all of the benefits of a personal umbrella insurance policy, including:
  • It not only protects you if someone wins a suit against you; if the suit is without merit, this policy will provide you with attorneys to protect your interest
  • Protection for a covered loss that takes place anywhere in the world
  • Coverage for claims not covered by any of your other personal insurance policies (e.g. home, auto, watercraft)