Greylock Federal Credit Union and Greylock Insurance Agency have established $16.50 per hour as their corporate minimum wage. Additionally, they have adjusted the salaries of all employees making less than $20.00 per hour.

“Our vision is to enable our community to thrive and that means starting with our own team,” said Greylock’s President and CEO John L. Bissell. “As a major employer in the area, we try to lead by example and listen to our employees’ needs. We have designed a pay and benefits package that reflects our lived culture." 

Greylock had previously set their base at $15.00 in 2016, years ahead of Massachusetts’ statewide target date of 2023. “This past year has given Greylock an opportunity to recognize the need to find more effective solutions to support our staff,” said Bissell. “We knew it was important to lead with compassion as we help our staff meet the new challenges of life after the pandemic.”

Greylock’s human resources team has developed a distinctive, family-friendly benefits package with unique solutions designed specifically for Greylock staff. “We are one of the few employers to still offer a 401K with employer match and a pension plan,” said Bissell. “We also have a program that lets new parents bring their babies to work and we provide a stipend to help cover childcare costs. We have a tuition reimbursement program, a student loan assistance benefit and provide ongoing professional development opportunities. We want to find solutions that go beyond just a paycheck. We want to help our employees with the tools they need to build a life and a future inside and outside of the workplace.”