Greylock Federal Credit Union has joined the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC). In addition, Greylock’s Board of Directors has unanimously voted to sign on to a national Credit Union Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collective’s statement of solidarity and commitment to change (

The nation-wide commitment, spearheaded by the African American Credit Union Coalition’s (AACUC) Commitment to Change, brings credit unions together to listen, learn, advocate and amplify the voices of the marginalized and vulnerable members of the community. The cooperative philosophy of the credit union movement has always focused on financial equity. This pledge helps credit unions focus on clear actionable efforts to create real, meaningful, transformative and sustained change. 

Through membership in the AACUC, Greylock is working to strengthen access to financial services for people of color in the community. The added counsel and tools of the AACUC’s Commitment to Change will help Greylock as the credit union continues to pursue meaningful change around historically unequal access to financial resources.

“This call to action is directly in line with Greylock’s long held commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility. The pledge serves to strengthen our resolve to help our entire community to thrive,” said Greylock President, CEO John L. Bissell. “Our Board is committed to the hard work that lies before us during this time of great social change.”

The pledge has gained the support of a coalition of over 150 credit unions and service providers nationally since its launch on Juneteenth (June 19th). The position statement commits that “Together, we are stronger. Together, we can create a better world where all members of our communities can take part in our democracy, live free of fear from violence, and enjoy physical and financial well-being. We stand for financial democracy.”