As children return to school, Greylock Federal Credit Union would like to remind all families and teachers that Greylock provides free access to Banzai, an online financial literacy program. This cutting-edge program integrates interactive classroom materials with professional presentations to develop personal finance skills.

The award-winning online program and content library allows students to learn by doing. All students, teachers, and members in Berkshire County, Westfield, Southwick, Granville, Montgomery and Russell, Massachusetts and Columbia County, New York can create a free online account.

“These resources make a huge impact on students and their families by building a solid foundation of basic financial skills and real-world knowledge of personal finances,” said Greylock Vice President Director of Community Development, Cindy Shogry-Raimer. “Greylock is grateful to be able to provide free access to this critical curriculum.”

Through the Banzai online courses and complimentary lesson plans, students may practice managing a budget, saving for a goal, and dealing with unexpected financial pitfalls. Teachers are able to easily monitor and grade student progress remotely. Other resources include articles, calculators, coaching sessions, and customized classroom wrap-up Zoom sessions with Greylock experts. These tools cover everything from the basics of filing your taxes to how health insurance works. Teachers can learn more and access these classroom resources at Members can access the tools directly through Greylock’s  Community Empowerment Center at

Last school year, Melissa Cairns used Banzai with her North Adams Public School’s Honors 7th grade math class. She scheduled "Financial Fridays" when each student would get virtual paychecks, maintain a check register, and have "fate cards" to represent real life scenarios where they may earn or lose money. “Banzai is a great addition, making learning real-world, informing the activities we already have planned, and supporting their overall financial literacy,” said Ms. Cairns. “Thank you, Greylock! I'm proud to be a Member and so appreciative of your contribution of Banzai, yet another way Greylock truly is a community supporter!”