Hello Greylock family,

We all know that the past few months have been filled with ongoing economic challenges and uncertainties.

Throughout these trying times, our consistent message to you – our valued Member – remains the same: Greylock is safe, sound and secure.

It’s a message we want to reaffirm as the debt ceiling process moves to the next step to avoid a potential U.S. debt default. Please know that we continue to closely monitor this situation and are prepared to respond as necessary to support the communities in which we serve.

In the meantime, we want to fully reassure you that Greylock will continue to be here for you.  This starts with who we are. Greylock is a not-for-profit financial cooperative and that means we answer to our Members, not to Wall Street.

Our track record of performance, service to our Membership, and past responsiveness to emerging and complex issues is solid and consistent.

For more than 80 years, Greylock has been a mainstay in our community. From our humble origins during the Great Depression, through multiple recessions, and today’s ever-changing economic landscape, Greylock has been, and continues to be, a financial safe harbor.

This is evident by a healthy and robust portfolio. Greylock has $1.4 billion in deposits and services about $1.2 billion in loans for local mortgages, autos and small businesses. Additionally, we hold about $235 million in government securities that represent no credit risk. Greylock’s position is furthered strengthened by $167 million in capital reserves, including $59 million in capital reserves above the threshold required to be well-capitalized.

Greylock is well-prepared to ride out any economic storm, and we are open to help anyone seeking a strong financial institution.

Through it all, Greylock is here to help.