Make Your Greylock Loan/Mortgage Payments Online Anytime, AnywherE

Why call us on the phone, mail a check, or travel to a branch to make a Greylock loan or mortgage payment? Now you can easily pay online with Bill Matrix Online Payment System.

Click on the "Make a Payment" button to get started.

  • Pay as a "Guest" for a one-time payment
  • Register as a "User" for ongoing use and additional features
  • Pay with funds, or a debit card from a financial institution other than Greylock
  • When making a payment from your outside checking or savings be sure to have the account number and routing number of the financial institution

Additional benefits of Bill Matrix when you register as a “User”:

  • See a History of your payments
  • Set up Reminder messages to notify you when a payment is due
  • Schedule your payment for now or later
  • Set up recurring payments to send an amount automatically

NEED HELP? Watch our short instructional video.

Please note: If you call Greylock to make a payment over the phone, you may be subject to a $7.50 fee.

There is no fee for making payments with Bill Matrix, so make sure to start using Bill Matrix today.

Loan payoffs are not permitted through BillMatrix. Please call (413) 236-4000 to pay off your loan.

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